Editor's Note

The special of the first edition of Maritime Holland in 2019 is sustainability. A subject that is a hot topic in our industry. The climate is changing and regulations are changing too. Having a sustainable mindset is not a thing for idealist anymore. Entrepreneurs know the value of sustainability too.

Not that an entrepreneur cannot be an idealist that promotes sustainability. But let´s be honest, the combination of the two in our industry was a rare one. Things have changed, though. Sustainability matters, not just for the planet but also for the wallet. And the reason is simple. Sustainable solutions have the future.

According to Teus van Beek, 2018 was a pivotal year, because the maritime industry recognised that sustainability is an important issue. Not only from an environmental point of view, but also businesswise. In the ´Vision Of´ Van Beek, General Manager Ecosystems Innovation for Wärtsilä, explains how important sustainability is for his company.

For Maritime Holland change is in the air too. Our magazine is going online. This is the first issue that will be digital also. We are very happy with this development and look forward to use all the extras an online magazine has to offer. Articles can be shared on social media and we are going to use extra features like videos. Things that are not possible in print.

The print edition of Maritime Holland continuous to be available for our subscribers. The magazine will also be send out to the movers and shakers of our industry and you will find us in the media corners of various international exhibitions.

Our online edition will be an extra tool that helps us with our purpose and that is to promote the Dutch maritime industry. We are a maritime nation and our success stories are worth sharing. Our online magazine makes that a lot easier. Please not hesitate to share!

Jaap Proost