Editor's Note

Innovation is what we do. Innovation makes that the Netherlands is still a maritime force to be reckoned with. As a maritime cluster, we are always busy finding solutions for problems and making existing products better. Quality and good service are other features that the Dutch are known for and combination of the three makes a winning team.

In the second edition of Maritime Holland of 2019 we focus on innovation. The articles in this magazine make something clear. Innovation not only takes place in a closed room with a brilliant inventor working on something big. Most of the time inventions are made through collaborations. People meet and share their thoughts. Together they find solutions and improve products and processes.

We have an article on the relationships companies form, so that they can concentrate on their core businesses while drawing on the expertise of the other. In the Vision Of Arie van Andel, CTO of Ocenaco, emphasises the importance of a strong maritime cluster in the Netherlands for the yacht builder.

Coming up with inventions is one thing, protecting them is another. Please read the article from Roel de Graaf, managing director Netherlands Maritime Technology. He warns about China in strong words. ‘China is waging an economic war. (…) If we wish to maintain our self-sufficiency in Europe, the maritime sector should be recognised and positioned as strategic’, he states. Food for thought, I say.

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Jaap Proost