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Crew replacements 100% efficient with ‘The Personal Touch’

Save on your crew replacements with VCK Marine Travel’s global procurement arrangements and smart tools. Our unique and totally distinctive Crew.NET tool not only significantly reduces the costs related to your crew changes, but also reduces your overall travel spend by offering the lowest possible fares!

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Maximum efficiency and cost saving through Crew.NET

Crew.NET enables you to save in more ways than one- not only on the price of a ticket, but also on the pre-booking process. VCK Marine Travel’s exclusive Crew.NET application enables crew managers to use their own crew planning software to quickly arrange flight reservations. Numerous companies have already benefited from improved speed and efficiency with customers confirming 30% time savings and subsequently 30% operational cost savings in their crewing department. Our successful concept has been unbeaten for many years!

True transparency

VCK Travel’s reputation for transparency derives from the core values of our company: indisputable moral behaviour, unparalleled ethics and impeccable trust. We have developed a disruptive new business model that has proven to be very successful. Transparency is a key element in our service offering to all our customers, which means that you will have full access to and control over your invoices, discounts and local fares.

In our industry, we are the only party that works 100% transparently. VCK Marine Travel charges net air fares only, and we always return all refunds in full. We do not charge mark-ups, and there are no hidden surcharges. In this way, your organisation can enjoy maximum savings on crew replacements, while benefiting from true transparency.

The Personal Touch

VCK Marine Travel specialises in maritime and offshore travel. Located right at the heart of Amsterdam’s harbour area, the marine and offshore business runs through our veins. We have in-depth knowledge of the various price levels and visa regulations in our sector - and what’s more, we know the culture. VCK Marine Travel is your no-nonsense partner with a Personal Touch.

This is how you get things done!