Trusted for 150 years™

We introduced the first heavy duty lubricant more than 150 years ago. Ever since, we’ve been trusted in many heavy-duty applications. The first? The lubrication and protection of heavy-duty steam engines for use on America’s First Transcontinental Railroad. Decades later, Valvoline was widely used to lubricate allied trucks and tanks during WWII. For more than 150 years we have been part of industrial progress and innovation. It has made us who we are today. And we’re proud of it.

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3316 BG, Dordrecht

The Nerlands

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Our care business. Your peace mind

We don’t just sell oils. Providing confidence and reliability is our core business. With over 150 years of technical expertise, we can ensure that every product formulation is meticulously developed. We’re independent and free to select the best base oils and additive technologies from around the globe.

Extensive laboratory testing and millions of hours of real-world testing are proving the superior performance of our products every day. In combination with our world class service, flexible supply chain solutions and technical support, we can promise you maximized protection and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Or in other words: the ultimate peace of mind.

Premium quality products. Performance guaranteed

Performance is the only proof of product quality. With our Valvoline Performance Guarantee we warrant that our products will perform. We don’t play around. Quality control is our key priority. We warrant that our products will meet the applicable specifications. Our premium lubricants are produced in the Netherlands, in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949.

Each batch of oil is tested and our on-site quality control coordinators make sure that product specifications are carefully maintained without exception. We use the highest quality base oils and most advanced additive technologies to provide you with unsurpassed performance that you can rely on. Every day our products are used and tested in the harshest heavy-duty conditions, proving they provide enhanced performance, longer life and better protection for your equipment.

Dedicated and hands on whatever it takes, we’re there.

You expect a partner that understands your business. If you have an issue, you want it resolved as quickly as possible, preferably yesterday. By someone who knows what you’re doing and that time is money. That’s why you need a partner that can offer instant, flexible solutions and someone that has got your back. Anytime, anywhere. With 150 years of handson, heavy duty experience under the hood, you can completely trust us. So, when you think heavy duty, think Valvoline.