Theunissen Technical Trading BV

Maritime suppliers

Theunissen Technical Trading BV offers exclusive products that are suitable for shipping, offshore and industry. TTT is a preferred vendor for those sectors in which people are highly dependent on reliable technical support, such as the offshore and dredging industry.

Rijksweg 191

6581 EK Malden

The Netherlands

+31 (0)24 35 84 455

Theunissen Technical Trading BV is designed in such a way, that service can be provided 24 hours a day. Our product range consists exclusively of high quality products and systems that that meet the technical requirements for demanding environments. In our product line you will find very reputable brands that represent the top in the respective market segment.

Since its founding in 1984, service has been an important part of the company, during both onboard visits and technical or commercial support from our office or workshop. Almost every day commissioning, repairs and inspections are carried out on board. Although the primary geographical focus is on Northern Europe, regularly service jobs are carried out worldwide.

In addition to repairs, TTT performs complete conversions of systems on board. It is possible to replace an entire internal telephone system in one day. Other systems, such as a fire alarm system, searchlights, lighting or wipers can also be exchanged on-site according to almost any specific customer preference.

Our product portfolio comprises following brands and products:

– MCT Brattberg - Multi cable transits;

– Glamox – Maritime lighting (LED);

– Aqua Signal – Navigation lights (LED);

– Seematz - Searchlights;

– Vingtor Stentofon (Zenitel) - Communication equipment;

– Consilium | Eltek - Fire & gas detection equipment;

– Eltek - Power & Emergency power;

– Seematz - Straight-line window wipers;

– DNH - Loudspeakers

– Parker-Sea Recovery | HRO | Village Marine - Reverse osmosis watermakers;

– Marpower - Emergency telegraphs;

– Inelteh - Signaling columns;

– Telco - Marine and offshore heaters;

– PSI Sealing - Single pipe transit systems.