Power train solutions

REINTJES GmbH is a globally acting, independent propulsion technology company, manufacturing gearboxes and propulsion systems at its headquarters in Hameln. Internationally, the company is positioned on all major markets through its global salesand service network with subsidiaries and partners.

Luithagen Haven 2, Unit F

2030, Antwerp


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REINTJES continually expands its classic product portfolio of marine gearboxes for main drives with power ratings from 250 to 30,000 kW. Dredging gearboxes as well as complex system solutions such as pod drives and hybrid drives have rounded off the product range. For industrial use REINTJES offers high speed gearboxes for gas and steam turbines as well as for compressors.

REINTJES gearboxes of the WAF/LAF, SVA/SVAL and DLG series have been specially designed for heavy-duty applications in work boats such as tugs, trawlers, inland waterway vessels, ferries, tankers off-shore vessels, container vessels and special-purpose ships with comparably high standards. Their outstanding features are optimal efficiency, high reliability and a long service life.

REINTJES hybrid systems are ideal for slow-speed operation and enhance the efficiency of your propulsion system as they allow for riding at a slow speed below idle speed. The electric drive ensures smooth running, less noise and low energy consumption and is becoming more and more important. The hybrid systems are suitable for fixed pitch propeller applications and available for electric motors from 60 ekW up to 630 ekW.