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No matter where you are, PK OEM Parts has the right solution for your spare parts needs. Over the years, we focused on becoming the preferred supplier for the shipping and power plant industries, offering a unique alternative to the manufacturer’s sole sourcing position. Our key to success is to anticipate on the needs of the industry.

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Almost 40 years ago, PK OEM Parts started as a broad supplier to the shipping industry. Gradually, we became a specialist in 4-stroke diesel engine parts, and introduced our first portfolio of spare parts suitable for Wärtsilä Vasa 32 engines. By staying true to our core beliefs and strategy, we expanded our engine portfolio with spare parts suitable for the Wärtsilä 46 and 32 engine series. During the last years we increased our portfolio with spare parts suitable for Westfalia and Alfa Laval Separators, and ABB turbochargers.

In our business every detail is important. We meet ISO 9001:2015 standards and work in a Corporate Social Responsibility manner. Our purchasing strategy is based on long standing partnerships with leading manufacturers.

Incoming products are subject to a rigorous quality control inspection in our temperature- controlled measuring chamber and stored in our state-of-the-art warehouse. The same professional care is given to the sustainable method of packing prior to shipping the goods.

With a worldwide sales and technical network, we can provide you with local advice and assistance. We are eager to become a partner for our customers and ultimately be the One-Stop shop for all engine room requirements.


As the industry is changing, we want to anticipate to your needs. If you are searching for more than spare parts, we are developing to find you a solution for all engine room requirements. You may think of exhaust systems, starting air compressors and filtration systems.

Recently we partnered up with Niigata Power Systems. As they have the ability to offer the complete drive train, we can now offer complete engine solutions to you.

Moreover, as sustainability and emission free are becoming undeniable subjects in our industry, we shifted our focus on making sustainable choices on behalf of your needs. One major choice was to expand our delivery program for the Wärtsilä 50DF and 34SG.

Curious about PK OEM Parts? Contact our dedicated sales team, ready to assist and support you regarding all your questions.