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Drive components for marine and offshore

Whether passenger ship, freight or work boat, whether conventional propulsion or a completely new, innovative propulsion concept, whether on board or below deck: KTR offers for almost every marine and offshore drive system a full spectrum of couplings, brakes, coolers and hydraulic components.

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With almost 60 years of experience in all kinds of industries, KTR designs, engineers and produces high-quality drive components for marine and offshore applications for almost two decades now, always taking in to account the industries specific demands. Many products have a type approval according the severe rules of classification companies as for example ABS, DNV GL, LRS, NR, CCS or RMRS. For other products we work out a specific design approval. Approval and certification come with extended documentation such as calculations and 3.1 or 3.2 acc. DIN EN 10204 material certificates for traceability of the used material.

Specific coupling applications formarine and offshore

The scope of application of the flexible and elastic jaw coupling ROTEX® is very diverse. Besides common drives such as pump drives, this coupling is used very often in thruster and azimuth drives. The ROTEX® is able to dampen and reduce peak torques and vibrations that appear during operation. This extends the life time of all drive components in the complete drive train. In high-power thruster drives the elastic and failsafe pin and bush coupling REVOLEX® KX-D or the all-steel curved tooth GEARex® coupling are used. For waterjet drives KTR developed the torsional stiff steel lamina coupling RADEX®-N Composite with a carbon fiber spacer: able to compensate large distances between the shaft ends and misalignments and provides a reliable transmission of the torque while at the same time saving weight and is completely insensitive to corrosion.

Numerous possibilities

Besides couplings the KTR portfolio for marine and offshore applications also consists of clamping elements for high-torque shaft-hub-connections, electro-mechanical and hydraulic parking brake, service and emergency brakes, lock an turn system for the main propeller shaft, hydraulic components and oil-air-coolers as well as every combination of either one of them.

With a large number of certified raw material and semi-finished KTR-products in stock we can quickly produce couplings and combinations in our own production facilities in Europe, China, South America and the USA. Furthermore, 25 subsidiaries and over 90 representatives assure a global supply of our drive solutions.