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iPS offers employment of multinational personnel worldwide. Since 1988, iPS has been supplying personnel to the international maritime and dredging industry and is renownedas a qualified point of contact. Over the years iPS has expanded its expertise into other sectors which include energy and civil. Bringing people together in these industries is what we do.

Rivium Boulevard 101

2909 LK Capelle aan den IJssel

The Netherlands

+31 (0)88 44 79 494

Who is iPS?

iPS combines experience, in-depth knowledge and people to successfully serve businesses in the maritime, energy and civil industries. In addition, iPS is experienced in cross border payroll solutions. With operating offices worldwide, iPS has its headquarters in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands.

What can I expect from iPS?

Qualified staff and crew, flexible and professional personnel solutions, complete payroll services, global services, personal service and 24/7 responsiveness.

iPS’ wordwide personnel solutions

iPS is the key source for personnel solutions regarding all aspects of the maritime, energy and civil industries. iPS recruits highly trained and experienced personnel, from a single specialist to a full crew. The in-house consultants are able to attract, select and deploy qualified personnel worldwide.

The iPS approach

With hundreds of people deployed around the world, iPS is proud of the personal touch that is given to both clients and personnel. This is enhanced by the efficient support and planning given by staff utilising experiences combined with high tech software for the best services and solutions possible.

iPS’ payroll solutions

iPS has the complete knowledge of all tax and social security issues that might arise in your organisation. iPS does not only take away the worries of complex (international) tax and social security issues, but also ensures you are fully compliant with all aspects of the law and regulations.