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Dare to innovate

At eL-Tec elektrotechnologie BV we make things work! We are specialists in system integration, and our experts design and install electrical installations for the industrial and marine sectors. Based in The Netherlands, we create on board solutions for production processes and machine control technologies. And thanks to our Prefab Parts principle, we can provide those solutions around the world.

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The Netherlands

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eL-Tec Prefab Parts

It’s hard to be present all over the world … But we are, thanks to eL-Tec Prefab Parts!

Added value

At eL-Tec, we aim to provide added value - in the most efficient way possible. And it is our conviction that the best way to do so, is by doing the things we’re best at. That’s why we developed the principle of eL-Tec Prefab Parts (ePP). With ePP, we continue to do the specialized work we are known for. We take care of the design, the detail engineering, the switch boxes, the testing, the commissioning and the trial runs and training of your staff. Just as you’ve come to expect from us.

We will however barely do any of the installation work on board. All the ironwork and laying and pulling of cables is done by the local yard. We have already successfully used this concept on dredgers in different parts of the world.

This means that the yard:

– gets to work more hours in a shrinking market, since it takes over the mechanical work;

– can plan more efficiently, because there’s one less layer in the implementation;

– and can continue to work with existing employees, since most of the work is mechanical.

And it means that we:

– can focus even better on our expertise;

– still know exactly how each system is installed, thanks to the detailed level of engineering;

– and work more sustainably, since we have to travel much less.

For this concept to work, it is vital we provide a very good description of the work that the yard undertakes. That is why we make sure these descriptions are fool proof. Everyone, anywhere in the world, can put the installation together. We always guarantee the quality of the entire electrical installation.