Sometimes we forget how big the impact of the maritime industry is on our daily life. Without shipping the world stops turning. In the Maritime Holland Business Guide we bring all the companies together that are important in our fine industry. This is already the fourth edition of the business guide.

Our business guide is a maritime showpiece and it has become a familiar publication for those who want information about Dutch companies in the maritime cluster. With the Maritime Holland Business Guide companies reach potential clients all over the world. The guide will be distributed at leading maritime events and exhibitions.

Alongside the attention of the printed guides, the online version is reaching more people from around the world every day. With this edition we will even push harder to get the Maritime Holland Business Guide in new places and in the hands of the right people.

Because of this exposure it is no surprise that the cream of the crop of the Dutch maritime industry is part of this year’s guide. The participating organisations paint a picture of the scope and diversity of the Dutch industry as a whole. The first part of the guide will focus on different Dutch branche organisations and give an impression of their specific sector. In the second part, an overview is sketched of the companies that define the Dutch maritime industry.

We would like to thank everybody that made the 19/20 edition of the Maritime Holland Business Guide possible. If you have ideas or suggestions after reading the guide, we would really appreciate your thoughts.

Jaap Proost

Editor-in-chief, Maritime Holland