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Alfa Laval on board - Solutions that make the difference

Alfa Laval has the solutions for lifetime vessel performance, built on systems, knowledgeand services in key applications from bow to stern. Whether you build ships or sail them,you need solutions that put you ahead. Alfa Laval partners with you to secure efficient andreliable operation, compliance and productivity.

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4817 ZZ Breda

The Netherlands

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In short, our solutions increase performance throughout the lifetime of the vessel:

– Ballast water treatment

– Exhaust gas cleaning

– Crankcase gas cleaning

– Cooling and heating

– Steam & hot water production

– Waste heat recovery

– Oil cleaning & treatment

– Fuel conditioning

– Oily waste treatment

– Inert gas production

– Tank cleaning

– Lube oil treatment

– Filtration

– EGR water treatment

– Emission control

– Thermal fluid heating

– Fresh water generation

– Gas combustion

– Cargo pumping

– Safety

– Services

Sailing at your side

Alfa Laval builds on a century-long commitment to lifetime vessel performance, providing solutions to key challenges vessel-wide, and peace of mind globally.

We help ship owners and operators secure confident compliance with marine legislation, both through dedicated compliance technologies and by supporting the move to new fuels.

Keeping reliability and ease of use in focus, we increase productivity, protect the engine, boost energy efficiency and minimize waste, contributing to higher earnings and lower lifecycle cost. Within and across equipment lines, and worldwide through service and connectivity, we help customers optimize and achieve smarter operations for increased vessel efficiency.

– Broad range of proven equipment that covers most of the critical operations on board;

– Knowledge and practical expertise to incorporate equipment into full applications and innovative solutions;

– More than a century of marine service and decades of work with shipyards providing future-proof solutions.